The Crisis in Ukraine
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Montreal hotel housing Ukrainian refugees

Join a growing group of like-minded individuals helping during the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine. This dedicated group of people work day and night to help Ukrainian new arrivals find Canadian family hosts for free temporary accommodation. This group helps the new arrivals get their first apartment, furnish it, register for language courses, get documentation in order, get their first job etc. They rely on organizations such as the Ukrainian Newcomers Centre
«La Terrasse», providing new arrivals with clothes, food, personal items, baby products, kitchenware.

Volunteers say kitchenware, non-perishable food for babies and hygiene products are the most needed.

Ukrainian Newcomers Centre «La Terrasse»
5225 Cotes des Neiges
Montreal, Qc H3T 1Y1
Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm

Facebook group "Montreal area Ukraine relief information"

Welcoming Ukrainians to Québec

Blue and Yellow Stand with Ukraine Flyer.pdf